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New Shelter Pets Promotion!

If you are one of those people that can’t adopt a new pet but still want to help get one out of the shelter an into a new home, we have a new pilot program that you will love.
You can now sponsor the full cost of the surgery and rabies vaccination for a shelter resident to ensure that animal will be adopted. The cost ranges from $55 to $85 depending on if it is a cat or dog and male or female.

We will place a sign on your sponsored pet's cage letting the public know who made the generous donation. It can be anonymous if you chose. Adopters will cover the $35 for the adoption and microchip fees so they have ownership in their new pet.

You can bring cash or check to the shelter and pick your favorite pet that you want to see adopted. You can pay in person or over the phone with a card with an additional $5 surcharge.